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NFT is what I do

About NFT

NFT is the next big thing after Bitcoin,
Your small investment today can have a big impact on your future!

NFTs shook the world coz NFTs leaves the rest behind.

The value of an NFT is determined by the property it represents, which is often something that exists in the digital realm, such as an original work of art or digital memorabilia. The NFT market is rapidly expanding, with new artworks being developed every passing day. To be seen and make money on NFT, you must have distinctive and creative art created by pros.

I’ve worked on numerous notable NFT projects and have been involved in the cryptocurrency space for some years.


Sanskaari Lady

I have an interesting relationship with this NFT. This project marked the start of the NFT journey.

As an Indian woman and mother, I am proud to have created a project that highlights the true beauty and heritage of Indian women. Sanskaari refers to someone who is cultured and linked to their origins, but not less than everyone else. She is bold, vibrant, and colorful like the women of this world.

Active Markets

I am live on these platforms with variety of my own NFT collections. Feel free to vist, mint, buy, bid, share and show some love.





Frequently Asked Questions.

Character of your choice with 10,000 variations, ready to upload with Json Metadata. All source files, cover for social media.

Yes, you get all the rights, 100% but need the credit on official websites, as designer. I happily accept shares if you make really good sales (and I really wish you do).

Once ordered and concept finalised, you will receive a sketch. Upon approval you get the colored version. Will begin traits once the base is final followed by the making of 10k variations.You can give your feedback in every step.

Feel free to give your list. If you are short of ideas, you can leave it upto me.

It depends upon style you choose. It may generally take from 1 week to 2 months. If you are in hurry, I suggest you check my ready to use collections that are up for sale.

Yes, I do. Additionally I accept Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire transfers.