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Creating Art for NFT on Blockchain.

Hi, I’m Shallu. I create

beautiful charactersillustrationsnfts

— Let's craft brilliance together!

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Tell me a little about yourself and the project you have in mind. Even if you have a rough idea, it will do!

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I usually get back within 24 hours. Unless i am on vacation.


Available for call – 11:00 pm IST to 9:00 pm IST

+91 78140 91465

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Smoody – The Ballon

Mr Slithers – Character Design

— Brands I’m proud to have collaborated with:
— I Promise More than Just Services

I am not someone who gets frustrated with clients’ demands. I mean it when I say, my clients mean everything to me. There is only one boss in this place, and that is you. My sole responsibility is to gratify the Client. I try to keep them happy and satisfied.

My eye for detail and expert skills ensures that my output is of world class quality.

Time is equal to money and i make sure you don’t lose any by delivering on time.

My clients mean everything to me. I am always a listening ear & a helping hand away.


Design Characters

Original cartoon characters for children’s books, comics, animations and films, as well as licencing and toy design.

SketchingDigital VersionFinal Delivery





Design NFTs-Token

NFTs are the thing now! If you want to sell some art via NFT but don´t have the skills to do it, I´m here for you from start to end.

NFT Character

10K Traits

JSON Metadata

Deploy 10K TraitsOn OpenSeaWith ERC-721


Design Illustrations

Illustration is an incredible solution when you are inconsistent with images or want to tell your story or for custom gifts and more.

Vector Portraits


Children’s Book